Watercolor Of A Country On The Moon

imyra, tayra, ipy, taiguara

I posted a 128kbps LP rip of this incredible album from Brasil over at Ish's april want list update a little while ago, and Simon, whose blog is looking so damn good!, soon posted a 320kbps rip with scans from the Japanese import CD. Then, he gave me the honor of posting his rip here. Simon and I are thousands of miles away from each other, but we're shaking hands right now. That's what it's all about!


imyra, tayra, ipy, taiguara was released on Odeon in 1976, and almost immediately pulled from the stores by the censors because the lyrics in general are very political, very critical of the military government. I'm working on a translation of the album (this will include some biographical information) and will post the translations when finished.

Here's the tracklist with musician credits. Everybody involved in this album is a total genius! I might have translated the credits incorrectly in one or two places. The link follows.


1. Pianice (Pecinha Sinfônica) (Taiguara) 1:28
Piano-ness (Little Symphonic Piece)
solo piano and orchestral arangement: Taiguara

2. Delírio Transatlântico e chegada no Rio (Taiguara) 0:36
Transatlantic Delerium and Arrival in Rio
organ: Taiguara; effects: Nivaldo Duarte

3. Público (Taiguara) 4:45
piano and arrangement: Taiguara; improvised solo flute: Hermeto Pascoal; composed solo flute: Nivaldo Ornelas; solo guitar: Toninho Horta; horns: Pirolito, Svab, Ary e Toninho

4. Terra das Palmeiras (Taiguara) 4:51
Land of Palm Trees
arrangement: Hermeto Pascoal; percussion: Zé Eduardo, Paulinho Braga; horns: Svab, Ary

5. Como en Guernica (Taiguara) 3:31
Como en Guernica [sung in Spanish]
arrangement and piano: Taiguara; contrabass: Novelli; percussion: Paulinho Braga, Zé Eduardo; harp: Lúcia Morelenbaum

6. A Volta do Pássaro Ameríndio (Taiguara) 4:18
The Return of the Amerindian Bird
arrangement, piano, voice and synthesizer solo: Taiguara; cello solo and efffects: Jaquinho Morelenbaum; harpa solo: Lúcia Morelenbaum; flute (mellotron): Taiguara; drums and percussion: Zé Eduardo

7. Luanda, Violeta Africana (Taiguara) 1:21
Luanda, African Violet
piano, flute (mellotron) and organ: Taiguara


1. Aquarela de um País na Lua (Taiguara) 3:40
Watercolor of a Country on the Moon
arrangemen, flute solo: Hermeto Pascoal; piano solo: Taiguara; tenor sax solo: Nivaldo Ornellas; idéia de base (basic rhythm section arrangement?): Taiguara, Novelli, Toninho Horta; coro: Lucinha, Eva, Marisinha, Mlu, Novelli, Wagner, Nivaldo.

2. Situação (Taiguara) 3:52
Situation (Taiguara) 3:52
arrangement, flute solo: : Hermeto Pascoal; soprano and tenor sax: Nivaldo Ornellas

3. Sete Cenas De Imyra (Taiguara) 4:45
Seven Scenes of Imyra
arrangement, piano solo: Taiguara; violin: Giancarlo Pareschi; flute solo: Nivaldo Ornellas; cello solo: Jacquinho Morelenbaum; effects: Toninho do Som

4. Tres Pontas (Nascimento/Bastos) 3:42
Tres Pontas
arrangement and effects: Hermeto Pascoal; percussion: Paulinho Braga, Zé Eduardo, Gegê; drum kit and rhythmic idea: Paulinho Braga; piano solo: Taiguara; guitar: Toninho Horta

5. Samba das Cinco (Taiguara) 2:45
Samba das Cinco
arrangement and rhythm section direction: Hermeto Pascoal; piano solo: Taiguara; soprano sax: Nivaldo Ornellas; cuíca: Zé Eduardo

6. Primeira Bateria (Taiguara) 2:48
First Bateria
arrangement: Hermeto Pascoal; bandoneon: Ubirajara Silva (Taiguara's father); cavaquinho: Néco; piano: Taiguara

7. Outra Cena (Taiguara) 1:09
Other Scene
piano: Taiguara



In harmony,


Simon666 said...

hey there chris,
as i said in the mail , no problem, and thanks for showing me this wonderful album in the first place.

I've put a "STOP PRESS" at the base of my Brazil Rhodes compilation post to point people to here, and also added a note in the comments for that post, se here :


All the best!

BN-B said...

Best wishes to you, too, Simon!
More soon,

¡Mateo es así! said...

Say, you're right. I like this a lot. What an eccentric beauty. Thank you.

ushaped said...

fantastic LP thank you so much!

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Hi ya - any chance of a re-up - Thank you. Peace. J

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Could you please repost it ?